Joining a gym in Joondalup for group fitness

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Joining a gym in Joondalup for group fitness

3 reasons why you shouldn’t join a gym in Joondalup or the northern suburbs if you love group fitness

1).  Something better is coming
2).  Something better is coming
3).  Something better is coming

So, what is better and when’s it coming? Here’s the story of beatsGX.

A little over 15 years ago, after time working in and managing health clubs in the UK, we had an idea. Our dream was to do something different in the group fitness industry but we were newly married with a baby and the timing wasn’t right. A few more years in State Management roles in Health Club chains and along came Les Mills. In his role as the CEO of Les Mills Asia Pacific for 9 years, David travelled the country and the world immersing himself in group exercise. He saw the good, the bad and the down right ugly. He knew that Perth could do and deserved better and we’ve decided to do something about it. So we revisited and upgraded our idea from all those years ago and beatsGX was born.

We wanted to be part of our local community and soon found the right premises – a brand new blank canvas at 5A Royce Court, Joondalup. Sure, there is every kind of fitness centre you can think of in the area…. Big gyms like Goodlife and GreenZone, functional fitness centres like F45 and Core9, community halls running Zumba and Jungle Body along with plenty of yoga and pilates venues. It’s a busy market and some might be daunted but we know that our concept is unique and we will offer something none of those gyms or fitness centres can offer. We will be bringing the best Group X experience to Joondalup and we are on a mission to do it by early October (Cue slight panic).

beatsGX is being purpose built for lovers of Group X. Far from the uninspiring community hall that also hosts playgroup and 60th birthday parties or the neglected room in the back of the local recreation centre or gym, beatsGX will have nightclub sounds, mood lighting, large screens for virtual content and the very best instructors in Perth. The timetable will run live and virtual classes all day and will include a variety of pre-choreographed programs (including Les Mills) along with freestyle classes. Group X is all we do so it will always be number 1. No boring rows of exercise machines, no expensive PT sessions and no-one charging you a fortune to scream at you whilst you drag a car tyre around the local carpark. The fun factor will be high, the exercise will be inspiring and the fitness, a happy by product.

What feels like a thousand quotes later, we have a plan laid out to transform the building into an amazing space that will be inspiring and motivating. We are working on our app and technology so we can show off our tech savvy and will soon be doing the biggest recruitment drive for outstanding GX instructors that Perth has ever seen. Pre-opening membership sales will start in just a few weeks with an awesome deal for a limited number of founding members. If you are obsessed with Group X or new to Group X looking for the best fitness experience in town, you’ll want to get in early. Contact us now to hit the top of our list for VIP offers and watch this space by subscribing. See you at beatsGX.