Feeling Stressed? Maybe you need the Group Effect?

Feeling Stressed? Maybe you need the Group Effect?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about joining the gym, taking a fitness class or doing some yoga? Well, it turns out that all those brightly coloured lycra-clad aerobic lovers from the 1980s were onto something. If you thought they were unusually happy, you were right! At beatsGX in Joondalup, we know that Group Exercise makes you happier and recent studies show that it can have huge effect on stress levels too. Fluoro lycra may be out of fashion but group fitness certainly isn’t, so if your work and life balance leaves you feeling stressed and tired all the time, it’s time to add some group fitness classes to your week.

When we exercise in a group, we benefit from the actual physical exercise we are doing. We get fitter, stronger, more flexible etc. but we also get what we like to call ‘The Group Effect’. Studies show that when part of a class, participants are challenged to exercise beyond their perceived limits and many will actually workout harder and for longer. They are motivated by those around them. Having friends in the class also helps you stay accountable and group exercise participants are more regular attendees than those that train solo in a gym. We all know that to get results, consistency is key so doing something that you are more likely to stick with gives you a better chance of achieving your goals. The up-tempo music and variety of exercises in a typical class, makes them more fun than a gym floor training routine and the friends make it a social activity. So, with all the fun and friends, you could almost forget that it’s hard work…sounds good?

A recent study by the University of New England, published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, had groups of participants who worked in highly stressful jobs, embark on a fitness regime. One group trained on a gym floor using cardio and weights equipment, one participated only in walking or biking and the other did group fitness classes, including a minimum of one Les Mills CXWORXS core training classes each week. The results showed that the group fitness group reported improvements in all areas looked at- mental (12.6%), physical (24.8%) and emotional (26%). The group that walked or biked as a means of transport, reported no significant changes in any area and the solo gym trainers only reported improvements (11%) in mental quality of life, proving that in a short time group exercise can bring positive change to your life. Participants also reported a 26.2% drop in stress levels.

Leading researcher, Dayna Yorks explained it as ‘Communal benefits of coming together with friends or colleagues and doing something difficult while encouraging one another pays dividends beyond exercising alone’

It turns out that even though we may not want to whip out the sweat bands and colourful socks, group fitness classes are still really good for us. Their style may have changed over the years…more weights and less grapevines but the fun and friendships that can be made and the effect on our wellbeing, beyond the physical certainly hasn’t changed and the need to reduce stress and feel connected is stronger than ever.

beatsGX is committed to group fitness. We are serious about fitness and serious about fun. Our timetable of classes has something for everyone, from the beginner to the super fit. We get results and enjoy it along the way. Contact us today and come in for a group fitness class. It is the start of a fitter, happier, less-stressed you.