Class Descriptions

Guided by a world class ballet dancer, you will target deep core muscles with super controlled movements. Warning – you will have improved posture, increased flexibility, strength and more lean muscle. Bring your ballet buddy for a bad ass workout!

BODYCOMBAT for beginners. Start slow, build gradually and practice the moves before you head in to a 30min or 55min class. You’ll be kicking, punching and jumping in to this martial arts inspired workout in no time.

Beginners BODYPUMP
BODYPUMP for beginners. Start slow, build gradually and practice the moves before you head in to a 30min or 55min class. Practice your weight selections and technique and get off to a smart start . You’ll be strong, lean and fit in no time.

BODYATTACK is a sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. High-energy interval training combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercises. Dynamic instructors will motivate you towards your fitness goals.

BODYBALANCE is a yoga, tai chi and pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength, controlled breathing and concentration through stretches, moves and poses to music. It’s a holistic workout that balances and harmonises the body, leaving you centred and calm.

BODYCOMBAT is a fiercely energetic cardio workout inspired by martial arts such as karate, boxing, tae kwon so, tai chi and muay tai. With driving music and energising instructors, you will strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness.

BODYJAM is a cardio workout with an addictive fusion of the latest dance moves and the hottest new sounds. You’ll have as much fun as breaking a sweat. Funky instructors will teach you how to move with attitude.

BODYPUMP is designed and scientifically proven to strengthen the entire body. A workout that challenges all major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises including squats, presses, lifts and curls. Great music, awesome instructors and massive results to be had.

More like a night-out than a workout! Clubbercise is a cardio workout set to a soundtrack of club anthems from 90’s classics to the latest hits. Classes are taught in a darkened room with disco lights and LED glow sticks to create a nightclub atmosphere. The easy-to-follow routines are a fusion of dance, toning and combat with high and low impact options to suit all fitness levels. One Clubbercise class can burn around 600 calories.

Step into a LES MILLS TONE class and you’ll tick off a complete workout in 45 minutes. The challenging mix of lunges, squats, functional training and tubing exercises will help you burn calories and take your fitness to the next level. Also, a great foundational class, LES MILLS TONE has a wide variety of options accommodating all fitness levels ensuring everyone leaves the workout feeling successful.

LTM – Learn The Moves for BODYBALANCE, SH’BAM, CXWORX, BODYCOMBAT and BODYPUMP. Perfect your moves with the Les Mills Program Directors taking you through each of the main moves in detail for these programs on our big screen.

Created by a former Royal Marine Commando Metafit™ combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest HIIT training techniques to set the metabolism on fire!

PSS – Power, Strength & Step
The ultimate lower body workout to improve your fitness, coordination and strength. This workout involves simple athletic step moves that are a great alternative to walking, running or stair climbing. These step training blocks are then alternated with high-rep weight training sets using an adjustable barbell and weights plates. This workout is ideal for the beginner as the step intensity and barbell weights can be adjusted or the experienced athlete looking to go for their personal best!

Total Tone
A workout for everyone where you can modify the moves to best suit you by dialling up or down the intensity. Full body conditioning designed to Tone the body and burn calories. Using body weight and free weights we work all the muscle groups individually and use multi-functional training. Workout in a fun, safe environment and listen to some classic tunes along with current hits.

Virtual Workouts
Workout when it suits you. LES MILLS™ Virtual workouts combine world-leading fitness programs with pumping sound and motivation from some of the hottest instructors on the planet. It’s a truly inspiring experience that will drive amazing results. Available for BODYPUMP, BODYBALANCE, BODYCOMBAT, CXWORX and SH’BAM.

Virtual CXWORX
In this 30-minute workout you’ll learn how to activate the muscles that create optimal core control, the vital ingredient for a stronger body, while chiselling your waist line.

Virtual SH’BAM
An insanely addictive dance workout. SH’BAM™ is an ego-free zone, where a fun-loving instructor guides you through simple (yet sassy) dance moves, all set to a party playlist.

Great general level classes open to all levels. Our yoga classes begin with gradually opening and loosening the body, followed by sun salutes, and holding classical yoga postures. We also incorporate forward and backward bends, twists, inversions, expansion of breath and meditation. Our Yoga is suitable for all levels!